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Tradeshow Marketing Tactics

How to attract attendees and make a lasting impression.

Tradeshow success begins well before the exhibit hall opens. The key to standing out from among hundreds of other booths is organization and preparedness. Here are a few suggestions to help you maximize your presence and get your message across.

Get on the Agenda

Speaking at the event can increase traffic to your booth. Since many tradeshows set their agendas well in advance, identify and sign up for potential speaking opportunities at least one year ahead of the show date.

Staff Properly

Staff your booth with employees who possess company knowledge, as well as enthusiasm and excellent people skills. Train employees in how you want them to interact with attendees on the tradeshow floor, define the dress code and make sure everyone knows how to give a demo and answer probable attendee questions. It's a good idea to ban mobile devices while working the floor, since it gives attendees the impression that your staff is either bored or busy.

Spread the Word

Let clients and prospects know that you will be exhibiting. Use social media, email and traditional mailers to relay your booth location and exhibition hours. Issue a press release about what you will be exhibiting. For large shows, write a blog about how attendees can get the most value from the show by listing must-see speakers or recommending local restaurants. Large shows also attract the media, so reach out to journalists prior to the show to set up briefings.

Tchotchke Strategy

Attendees still enjoy picking up booth swag, but you'll want to give away something practical that attendees will keep and that will remind them of your firm. Another option is a toy that attendees can bring home for their children. Consider giving away a small tchotchke to draw attendees in and having a raffle for a higher-priced item such as an iPad that they must provide their contact info to enter.

Be Visual

One look at your booth and attendees should have a good sense of what your firm provides. Make the space open and inviting, and resist the urge to fill every square foot with tables and seating. High-quality videos lure attendees; make sure the videos are visually attractive, short and punchy. Use interactive videos on a touchscreen to further engage attendees.


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