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Preventing Fraud
Information about identity theft and safeguarding your personal information are two of the best ways to protect yourself and your business.
- Fraud Prevention Tips for Consumers
- Fraud Preventions Tips for Business
- Tips to Prevent Computer Fraud
- Reporting Fraud
- Reporting Identity Theft
Prevention methods carry the most impact in combating and reducing identity fraud. PNC Security Assurance offers PNC Consumer and Business Banking checking and card customers a comprehensive suite of products, services and account features to help prevent or deter incidents of fraud and identity theft, including:
  • Verified by Visa - for Consumer debit and credit cardholders. Protect yourself and your identity when shopping online with Verified by Visa.
  • Online Banking security components such as layered security.
  • Online Statements - Protect yourself against fraud and identity theft by receiving your PNC Bank statements online rather than through the mail.
  • Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer (EV SSL) certificates - PNC uses EV SSL certificates which work with high security browsers, to help you recognize when you are at the legitimate PNC site and not a "spoofed" site created by fraudsters for purposes of illegally obtaining your personal and financial information.
  • PNC Privacy Policy - and our proactive security team which is constantly identifying new threats and implementing appropriate protections to safeguard our customers' personal and account information.