PNC Real Estate
PNC honored with Green Groundbreaking Award

PNC has recently been selected as one of two recipients for the United States Green Building Council - New Jersey (USGBC-NJ) Green Ground Breaking Award. This award is given to an individual, organization or company that is on the cutting edge of sustainability and green building, and has created something that truly pushes the envelope to broaden environmental responsibility.

PNC first adopted green building standards in the late 1990's with the development of Firstside Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Soon after, PNC made the commitment that all new construction and major renovations would achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

PNC pilots LEED Volume Program

The decision to seek LEED certification across a portfolio of more than 100 buildings raised several challenges for PNC. In particular, the certification process was primarily created for one-off design and construction projects and was very time and resource-intensive. In response, PNC established a Green Branch prototype that aimed for LEED certification, could be replicated in a variety of climates and locations. This initiative significantly reduced the effort required to secure certification for a high number of similar buildings and the process has now been made available to other organizations.

"I heard from a number of retailers that it was difficult to consider certification because of the lengthy paperwork required despite each site being relatively the same," said Gary Saulson, director of corporate real estate. "The Volume Certification Program simplifies that process and has dramatically increased the incentive for retailers like PNC to pursue certification."

The LEED Volume Program was officially launched in 2010 and has streamlined the certification process without compromising LEED's rigorous standards.

Doug Gatlin, vice president, U.S. Green Building Council, noted, "The USGBC would like to commend PNC on their unwavering commitment to green buildings and sustainability. As an early adopter of LEED, they have exhibited leadership and shown innovation in the industry."

LEED Volume Program certifies 80 branches

Since implementing the LEED Volume Program, PNC has achieved certification for a total of 80 branches, including 19 in the state of New Jersey.

Through this process, the certified sites in New Jersey have collectively:

  • Conserved 12,986,595 kilowatt hours; enough to power 38 American households for one year
  • Sourced 11,490 board feet of FSC-certified wood;enough to preserve an area equivalent to 46 football fields
  • Reduced construction waste by 5,741,563 pounds, equivalent to the lifetime waste of 39 Americans
  • Preserved 3,583,020 gallons of water

PNC will be presented with the Green Ground Breaking Award on May 19 at the USGBC-NJ 5th Annual Gala. Northern New Jersey Regional President, Linda Bowden will accept the award on behalf of PNC.