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Leading Industry Award

Midland Loan Services' Stacey Berger Receives Leading Industry Award

Commercial Real Estate Finance Council recognizes Berger with prestigious Founders Award for his role in creating standards and benchmarks for third-party loan administration.

Midland Loan Services' senior executive, Stacey Berger, recently received The Founders Award from the Commercial Real Estate Finance Council (CREFC). This highly prestigious industry award recognizes individuals whose business practices or industry activities have resulted in the enhancement and expansion of the commercial real estate finance marketplace. CREFC members submitted nominations, from which the organization's Executive Committee selected the award winner.

Setting Industry Standards

"When Midland Loan Services was founded, there were no standards or benchmarks in third-party commercial loan administration. Stacey helped create the standards and best practices for the industry," said the head of PNC Real Estate, Diana Reid.

Stacey played an instrumental role in developing Midland's standard-setting technology system, which helped make the company the leader in providing loan servicing, asset management and technology solutions for the commercial real estate finance industry. Midland, a PNC Real Estate company that now services more than $280 billion in commercial loans, is also the only company in the industry that holds the highest U.S. ratings from Standard & Poor's and Fitch.

An Accessible and Knowledgeable Leader

"Stacey's leadership has enhanced the industry immeasurably and his active involvement has made a significant contribution to the efficient operation of the commercial real estate finance marketplace," said Midland President and COO Steve Smith.

That leadership takes the form of educating borrowers and lenders in efficient business practices through frequent speaking engagements and article publication. Stacey is known throughout the industry as a leader who is always ready to assist a new company or new colleague in learning real estate finance and commercial loan administration.

Stacey is the former president of the Commercial Real Estate Finance Council and a current member of the organization's Board of Governors and Executive Committee. He is also chair of the Legislative Council of the Commercial Multifamily Mortgage Bankers Association and a member of the Real Estate Roundtable.