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Leila Jubran
Business Details
LMJ International Logistics
Edison, NJ


Words of Wisdom

"Know what each person on your team does and have a backup for him or her. Cross-training ensures that if someone leaves or becomes ill, you won't be left - or leave your customers - in the lurch."

Community Involvement

more  National Defense Industrial Association, 2010 - Present
more  Women Presidents' Organization, 2007 - Present
more  Women's Chamber of Commerce, Washington DC, 2007 - Present
more  National Defense Transportation Association, 2007 - Present
more  Women's Business Enterprise National Council, 2005 - Present

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Leila Jubran
Founder, President and CEO
LMJ International Logistics

"My PNC banker takes care of so many things that sometimes I feel like I'm flipping the 'auto pilot' switch. I know that I can call him whenever I need help and get answers and solutions that make sense for my business."

Worldwide Delivery Excellence Fuels Success

Some businesses promise personalized service; others live that promise. Among the latter: LMJ International Logistics. It's not unusual for President and CEO Leila Jubran to track a shipment herself when the cargo is of a particularly valuable nature.

"In our industry, lowest cost does not indicate best value," says Leila, who established her transportation and logistics company in 2001. "If you're the cheapest but you don't deliver the cargo on time, your customer suffers. Our customers love knowing that they can reach my staff or me 24/7 and that we personally monitor their shipments to ensure they arrive on time and damage-free."

Although LMJ is considered a midsize company, Leila harnesses the power of an extensive network of national and global agents, airlines, trucking companies and steamship lines to provide services that rival even the biggest names in transportation and logistics. The United States military, oil and gas companies, pharmaceutical and chemical giants, IT firms, film industry suppliers and many others depend on LMJ to deliver their cargo on time and in perfect condition. Leila's personal commitment to 100% on-time delivery differentiates her $7.5 million enterprise from the myriad logistics providers in this tremendously competitive industry.

Growing Stronger Through Certification and Commitment

Intent on excelling in this traditionally male-dominated industry, Leila has paid her dues over the past 30 years, navigating twists and turns as she mastered import/export documentation, operations and sales through the several positions she held before launching LMJ. By the time LMJ's launch date arrived, she had a loyal following of clients who ensured a steady stream of business. But Leila knew that if her business was really going to take off, she needed to do more.

"I became WBE certified, and doors started opening, particularly with the government," she explains. "I became involved in the Department of Defense, Environmental Protection Agency, State Department and General Services Administration. I started winning some very large accounts."

Leila's energy, industry knowledge and passion for sales continue to drive her company's growth, but her hands-on approach makes for some very long hours. "I delegate what I can to people I trust," she explains. "For example, my son is becoming very involved in sales and operations."

Leila trusts PNC to support her efforts as well, counting on the bank for a working capital line of credit, checking accounts and numerous treasury management services, including wire transfer, online information and reporting services, and remote check deposit capabilities. "My PNC banker takes care of so many things that sometimes I feel like I'm flipping the 'auto pilot' switch," she says. "I know that I can call him whenever I need help and get answers and solutions that make sense for my business." With PNC behind her, Leila knows she can continue to take on the world.

"I love my business!" she says. "Every day is a new opportunity and every shipment a new challenge. We are always up to that challenge. Our customers stake their reputation on it."



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