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The Joy of Marketing
Springfield, IL


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"Offer amazing products and services, thrill your clients and charge what you're worth."

Business Awards

more  2009 Small Business Person of Year, Greater Springfield, IL, Chamber of Commerce

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Sarah Petty
The Joy of Marketing

"We teach entrepreneurs that it's vital to business growth to have reliable business partners, and especially an outstanding banking team. We practice what we preach: We bank with PNC."

Your Business Is Worth Every Penny

When Sarah Petty, founder of The Joy of Marketing and co-author of the 2012 best-seller "Worth Every Penny," speaks to entrepreneurs about bolstering profitability, her message is simple: Turn the focus away from price and direct it squarely on what you do to thrill your clients. Your product, brand or service is unique. Help your target audience recognize and appreciate the extra love you put into what you do, and your business will thrive.

"When business slows down, a business owner's knee-jerk reaction is often to discount," says Sarah. "But discounting isn't an effective long-term solution. In fact, it can compromise a brand's long-term value. We teach business leaders how to engage and delight customers, delivering exceptional customer service and personalized attention that differentiates them from their competitors and enables them to command a higher price."

Sarah knows this boutique business model works. She grew her own first business, Sarah Petty Photography, into one of the most profitable photography businesses in the country in less than five years after opening her first studio in 2001. Her photographic talent, coupled with an MBA and marketing experience acquired in the marketing department of Coca-Cola Enterprises, led her to become a sought-after adviser and public speaker in the photography industry. When word of her expertise in business-building spread, other industries began calling on her.

The Alternative to Agencies of Record

Sarah's second business, The Joy of Marketing, was a natural progression. She realized that many more businesses - particularly those lacking the financial resources to retain an ad agency of record - could benefit from her expertise if she could package and distribute it more broadly. The Joy of Marketing provides tools including audio education, webinars, an e-newsletter program, online programs on branding, marketing, selling and promotional planning, and templates for marketing materials to help these small businesses successfully position and market their companies and brands.

"You start a business because you have a certain area of expertise to share," says Sarah. "But while you might be very passionate about that aspect of your business, you may lack the marketing knowledge necessary to grow it. The Joy of Marketing bridges that gap. We provide small business owners with the education and tools they need to build their brand, strengthen their relationships, create a unique product mix and provide over-the-top service."

Clients need only look at the success of Sarah's businesses to see how her strategy pays off. Since its start in 2005, The Joy of Marketing has enjoyed double-digit growth almost every year. In fact, revenues nearly doubled in 2011. Sarah credits not only her business model but also the relationships she has built over the years.

We teach entrepreneurs that it's vital to business growth to have reliable business partners, and especially an outstanding banking team," Sarah shares. "We practice what we preach: We bank with PNC. Because my banker is accessible and responds to our needs quickly, PNC has provided tremendous peace of mind to us since we started the first business."