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Dusty Cruise

Dusty J. Cruise

President & CEO
Missouri Enterprise

  • 30+ years of experience in a broad spectrum of manufacturing endeavors, holding positions including quality and engineering manager, sales and marketing director, operations manager, manufacturing engineer, production supervisor, senior process engineer, tool and process engineer, engineering draftsman and quality control inspector
  • Expertise in integrating material, labor and overhead improvements with overall operational efficiencies to achieve bottom-line growth
  • Former Missouri Quality Award Examiner
  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management, Comprehensive, Missouri State University

Supervisory Training: Sustaining Your Continuous Improvement Gains

by Dusty J. Cruise
Missouri Enterprise

Continuous improvement tools and techniques like Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma are proven to eliminate waste, variation and non-value added activities. But, without skilled front-line supervisors in the plant, it is very difficult to sustain these gains and support a culture of continuous improvement.

At Missouri Enterprise, we encourage clients that engage in continuous improvement activities to also utilize a program called Training Within Industry (TWI) to upgrade and/or reinforce their front-line supervisors' and team leaders' skills.

TWI is a dynamic program of interactive learning and practice that teaches essential supervisory skills. It supports continuous improvement and provides an immediate return on investment by helping companies realize the productive potential of their employees.

TWI consists of three standardized programs that cover three essential skills needed by all supervisors and team leaders, across all industries:

  • Giving instruction
  • Improving methods
  • Leading

To help supervisors and team leaders develop these skills, TWI incorporates a four-step process into each of its four modules:

  • Preparation
  • Presentation
  • Application
  • Testing

Module One - Job Relations (JR) Training teaches supervisors that people must be treated as individuals and how to build positive employee relationships, increase cooperation and motivation, and effectively resolve conflicts.

Module Two - Job Instruction (JI) Training teaches supervisors how to train employees quickly to do the job correctly, safely and consistently, and how to break down a job for instruction.

Module Three - Job Method (JM) Training teaches supervisors how to improve the way jobs are done and help produce greater quantities in less time through the best use of available people, materials and machines.

Module Four - Job Safety (JS) Methodology Training works to prevent accidents rather than simply resolving their aftermath. The key to Job Safety is "Accidents are Caused, Break the Chain (of causes leading to injury)."

For more information about TWI, visit

Missouri Enterprise is an organization composed of experienced manufacturing and management professionals. For nearly 30 years, it has helped manufacturing companies meet current challenges while transforming themselves to prepare for success in the next generation and beyond with manufacturing productivity improvements, ISO/quality management systems, and innovative business and growth strategies. It manages the Manufacturing Extension Partnership program in Missouri and one of the state's Innovation Centers. For more information, visit or call Harold Zinn at 314-434-6300, ext 1301.

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