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Personal Finance
Investment Management
Similar to an index fund, exchange traded funds replicate the composition of a variety of investment indexes - but trade like stocks. They offer a number of advantages over passively managed mutual funds, including lower cost.
PNC Capital Advisors, a subsidiary of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., is a multi-strategy investment management organization providing investment solutions across a wide array of investment vehicles, styles, and asset classes, including large-cap equity, taxable and tax-exempt fixed income.   View disclosure.
Our separately managed accounts are investment portfolios comprising a selection of individual securities that you own outright. Your separately managed account is managed by a professional portfolio manager who focuses on a particular asset class or investment style.
Alternative investments such as hedge funds and private equity can add a significant element of diversification to your portfolio. Often yielding more generous returns than traditional investments, they can also carry an increased element of risk. These investments are typically available only to investors who meet certain qualifying standards. Talk with your PNC advisor to see if alternatives are a good choice for your portfolio.
The PNC Integrated Approach to investment management offers a customized and highly personal solution designed to help you achieve your investment objectives. Your advisor will work with you to develop an Investment Policy Statement that reflects your unique circumstances, and then implement that policy by strategically allocating your assets among various asset classes to diversify your portfolio and help manage your risk. Choosing from a range of PNC and outside manager products that have been subjected to a stringent screening process, your advisor will build a portfolio that reflects your risk and return objectives. Once the portfolio has been created, it will be monitored and adjusted regularly to help ensure that you're on track to meet your financial goals.