Personal Finance
Personal Finance
Wealth Comes With Challenges.
And for women, those challenges can be even more complex. Our professional advisors work one-on-one with clients, bringing a high degree of understanding and empathy to the unique challenges women face. We can help you sort through the complex financial issues while delivering practical solutions to enhance your financial security.

Challenge #1: Fitting It All In

Challenge #2: Passing It On

Challenge #3: Being Heard

Women Investors Challenge # 1:               Fitting It All In
How do I find the time to plan for financial security?

Professional Wealth Management

After Laura, 48, made partner at the firm, she started to worry about the complexity of her financial situation, and her future financial security.

As a single mother of two teenage daughters, Laura constantly juggles the responsibilities of raising her girls, caring for her aging parents, and meeting the demands of her busy law practice.

With little time left to figure it out, and an overwhelming fear of not having enough to feel financially secure, she spoke to a PNC Wealth Management professional.

An understanding advisor met with Laura over coffee in the lobby of her firm. She explained that the professionals of PNC could help Laura manage her concerns about her financial security. Her advisor coordinated a local, knowledgeable team, giving Laura access to all of the financial services she may need - with the ease of a single point of contact. The PNC team navigated the complex financial waters for her, so she could concentrate on her many other responsibilities.

Women Investors Challenge # 2:              Passing It On
Will my family heirlooms remain in my family?

Professional Wealth Management

Helen, 75, is a collector. Valuable antiques, fine art and jewelry comprise a sizeable portion of her net worth. At her most recent birthday party, she looked around the room and noticed how much her family has changed over the last five years. Her mother had passed away, her oldest son was now divorced, and the twins were born last year, making her a grandmother of 13.

It was at that moment that Helen realized that her prized possessions could end up misappropriated if she didn't act. The next day, she spoke with a Trust professional at PNC and arranged a meeting in her home.

  • Since Helen did not have a personal estate plan, the first thing that PNC did was to recommend a meeting with her attorney. The parties could then work together to create one for her. Helen's attorney helped her to draft a Will that reflects the recent changes in her family and proactively plans for the fate of her collections.
  • In addition, her PNC advisor reviewed her investment portfolio to determine if her assets were appropriately diversified according to her goals and risk tolerance. He recommended that she leave sufficient liquidity at her death so that prized antiques would not have to be liquidated to raise cash.
  • Finally, Helen's attorney suggested that she could minimize her estate taxes if she began disposing of her property now. Under current law, Helen could give a maximum of $11,000 per year to any individual, charity or museum tax-free.

Women Investors Challenge # 3:              Being Heard
I need an advisor that really listens.

Professional Wealth Management

Recently widowed at age 56, Jackie inherited her late husband's steel distribution business - along with all of the financial responsibilities of running the household. While her husband had been satisfied having a long-distance relationship with a financial advisor, Jackie wanted more personal attention. At a local fundraiser, she met a PNC Wealth Management professional with whom she discussed her business and her desire to buy a second home at the shore.

Needing an advisor who could make sense of it all, she agreed to an appointment later that week.

Jackie's PNC advisor came to her work place with an experienced banking advisor to discuss her wealth management needs.

  • Together, they finalized the details of a loan so she could buy that second real estate property.
  • Her banking advisor also invited her to an upcoming women's luncheon in her community where Jackie could benefit from networking with other successful women, along with a lecture on Philanthropic Families.

While Jackie was pleased with the rate she got on the property loan, she appreciated the personal attention she received from PNC even more.

Women and Charitable Giving1
  • The commitment to philanthropy is stronger among women, with 65% feeling obligated to give back financially to the community, compared with 58% of men.
  • Charitable giving ranges from a median of $2,800 for those with less than $1 million in investable assets to $171,800 for those with over $10 million.

As part of your wealth management strategy, we can help you develop and achieve goals reflecting your philanthropic interests and integrate your charitable giving into your financial plan.

1. Source: National Endowment for Financial Education