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Choice Home Equity Line of Credit

Your life moves quickly. You have a lot going on. And, from time to time, you need some financial support to help get you through. Consider a Choice Home Equity Line of Credit that will let you borrow whenever you need to, with great rates, flexible terms and an option to fix your payments.

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Collateral Requirement Primary residence or vacation home, with 1st or 2nd lien position.

Interest Rate

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Variable with fixed rate options. This account provides the ability to lock in a fixed rate on all or any part of your variable rate balance at anytime.2

Two types of fixed rate options available:

  1. Principal and interest (P&I) fixed rate with terms from 5-30 years; Maximum of two P&I fixed rate options at any one time.
  2. Interest-only (I/O) fixed rate with 5 year term; Maximum of one I/O fixed rate at any one time.

Line rate discount available with auto-deduction from your PNC Bank Checking account4

Repayment Period Flexible Revolving Credit: Once approved, you decide when to borrow, how much to borrow, by writing a check or transferring funds in Online Banking. As you pay down your line of credit balance, you can borrow again up to your credit limit.
Borrowing Frequency Continuous: Good for funding ongoing or multiple purchases, such as home remodeling projects or college expenses
Access to Funds Convenient access to your funds by check, online, telephone banking, at any PNC branch and by using your Visa Choice Access Card
Payment Protection Credit life insurance is available to eligible borrowers, up to the maximum allowed by the state. A benefit will be paid in the event of an approved claim.
Easy 24/7 online access
  • Apply Online -- Fast, easy, secure.
  • View account balances, loan history or schedule payments, including additional principal payments, using PNC Online Banking

WorkPlace Banking Plan Eligibility: You must be an employee of a participating company in PNC Bank's WorkPlace Banking Program and have your paycheck directly deposited into a PNC Bank checking account.

For more information:
Compare checking products in the Checking Account Features Chart.
Download the Consumer Schedule of Service Charges & Fees.

    • Put your equity to good use - Borrow on the equity availalbe in your home1
    • Potential Tax Savings - Interest you pay may be tax deductible3
    • Lower rates - Rates for home equity lines of credit are usually much lower than credit cards or other unsecured loans
    • Variable rate - Variable rate with fixed rate options2
    • Payment options - Flexible repayment options, including interest only
    • Simple and quick - Applying online is fast - get an answer almost immediately.
    • Lower your total monthly payments - When you consolidate your higher interest rate credit cards
    • Easier payment processing - with Auto Deduction from your PNC Bank checking account - and get a 0.25% deduction on your interest rate4





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1 Maximum Loan to Value of 89.9% in all states, except FL and MI which has a maximum Loan to Value of 75%.

2 This account includes two types of fixed rate options: (1) principal and interest (P&I) payments; (2) interest only (IO) payments. Your fixed rate Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will be based on a review of the initial credit criteria and Loan to Value (LTV). These rates may vary, but once rate is established for a fixed rate part, it will not vary thereafter. $100 balance transfer fee applies each time you establish a fixed rate part. $5,000 minimum balance transfer. The Interest Only Fixed Rate Part option allows you to pay only interest on the IO fixed rate part for five years from the date it is established. If you pay only the amount due, at the end of the interest only period you will still owe the original amount you transferred to that part and your monthly payment will increase because you must repay the principal as well as the interest. Your payment could increase more if the interest rate increases. Interest only payments do not build home equity.

3 Consult your tax advisor.

4 Discount only applicable as long as payments are set up for automatic deduction from a PNC Checking account. The removal of any discount, such as auto deduction or employee, will increase the rate.


Loans and lines subject to credit approval.

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