Personal Finance
Personal Finance
Personal Installment Loan

When you want to borrow a specific amount of money at one time, and pay it back through regular monthly payments, then an installment loan is for you. Uses include: debt consolidation, home improvements, or to purchase, refinance or take cash out on boats, RV's or motorcycles.

Visit a local PNC Branch or call 1-888-370-7344 for more information.

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Minimum Loan Amount Unsecured: $1,000
Secured: $2,000
Maximum Loan Amount Unsecured: $25,000
Secured: $100,000
Collateral Unsecured: None
Secured: Non-real estate
Terms Available Various Repayment Terms Available
Rate Fixed
Payment Frequency Monthly
Prepayment No prepayment penalty
Days to First Payment 24 to 90 days

    • Available either secured by collateral or unsecured
    • Regular, fixed monthly payments
    • No penalty for repayment in full at any time

Loans and lines subject to credit approval.