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Levels of Data: Match Data Level to Merchant Need

Levels of Data: Match Data Level to Merchant Need

Different levels of data must accompany different types of credit and debit card transactions for verification and authorization. The amount of information collected varies depending on the type of customers your business serves. As a general rule, processing rates are lower when more data is collected. Following is an explanation of the three data levels, which types of data are included with each, and the types of merchants that generally require each level of data.

  • Level I Credit Card Data - Typically associated with consumer transactions, this includes a limited amount of purchase data that is returned to the cardholder. It typically includes the same data captured during a traditional credit or debit card transaction: the total purchase amount, transaction date, merchant category code and merchant name.

  • Level II Purchasing Card Data - This data is often required to accompany business and government transactions. It typically includes all of the Level I data plus the amount of sales tax paid, the customer's accounting code, the merchant's tax ID number, the sales outlet's ZIP code, and any applicable minority- or women-owned business status.

  • Level III Purchasing Card Data - Presented in comprehensive line-item detail, this is the same data that would be found on an itemized invoice. Transactions are typically made with government or corporate purchasing cards. It includes all of the Level I and Level II data, and may include additional data like the following:
    • Product quantities
    • Product codes and descriptions
    • Ship-to ZIP code
    • Freight and duty amount
    • Order or ticket number
    • Unit of measure
    • Discount indicator and/or extended item amount
    • Net/gross indicator
    • Tax type and rate applied
    • Debit or credit indicator
    • Alternate tax identifier

Please contact PNC Merchant Services Customer Service at 800-742-5030 with questions on these data levels.


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