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Improve Cash Control with Cash Flow InsightSM

Improve Cash Control with Cash Flow InsightSM

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, which makes managing cash flow a top priority. This is one reason why PNC created Cash Flow Insight -- an online financial management tool that helps you better analyze and monitor your company's financial performance and make smarter financial management decisions.

Planning ahead is crucial for business success, and with PNC Cash Flow Insight, you can more accurately visualize, understand and project your cash position -- whether for tomorrow, next week or next month. This could enable you to recognize and act on business opportunities faster and more efficiently.

Cash Flow Insight consists of a suite of user-friendly online tools that can help you monitor past financial performance and take advantage of new opportunities that present themselves. These include:

  • Timeline -- View incoming and outgoing cash over a period of time. This includes past and planned transactions, as well as transaction detail.
  • Trend -- Track and compare your company's financial performance on a month-to-month basis. This can help you plan your cash flow needs for the remainder of this year and next year as well.
  • Cash In -- Keep track of the money you expect to come into your account. This includes both new transactions and customized placeholders you can create.
  • Cash Out -- Keep track of the money going out of your account by scheduling payments for future dates. You can confirm and execute the payments once you're confident your cash flow will be sufficient to cover them.

Try Cash Flow Insight, and you'll see your PNC Merchant Services card settlement transactions incorporated in Trend and Timeline. Additionally, your settlement transactions will appear in your Cash In.

Cash Flow Insight is available now with a no cost trial offer for your current statement cycle period, plus two additional statement cycles.1

  • Learn more about Cash Flow Insight and how it could help improve your financial management by visiting
  • Call the Cash Flow Insight Center at 855-762-2361. Cash Flow Insight Consultants are available from 7am - 10pm ET Monday through Friday, and 8am - 5pm ET Saturday and Sunday.


1. Offer requires a PNC Business Checking Account and enrollment in PNC Online Banking. Offer valid during your current statement cycle period and two additional statement cycles, which constitutes your free trial period. One free trial period per customer, based on the enrollment date of the first account you enroll in Cash Flow Insight. Your free trial period for all accounts in Cash Flow Insight ends at the same time. At the end of your free trial period, you will remain enrolled in Cash Flow Insight and be charged a fee of $10/month. If you do not want to continue with Cash Flow Insight, you may opt out of the service on your Preferences page within Cash Flow Insight. Beyond the trial period, certain account types have Cash Flow Insight for no additional monthly fee, including Business Enterprise Checking, Industry Solutions Checking and Retail Businesses Checking.

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