Retail Banking (ACCEL)

Consumer & Business Banking Development Program Details

Program Overview

The goal of the Retail Banking (ACCEL) Early Career Development Program is to develop PNC’s next generation of Retail leaders. Throughout this 12-month program, candidates will experience rotational work assignments, classroom learning, virtual learning, networking opportunities, mentoring by market leadership as well as sales, technical and professional skill development.

The ACCEL program is designed for recent college graduates with exceptional leadership and sales potential.

What to Expect During the Program

The development program follows a 70/20/10 learning model where 10% of the time is spent on formal learning/training, 20% of the learning is social and 70% is experiential. Through the experiential-based rotations, associates will gain a deeper understanding of critical branch functions and roles including sales and service, teller, small business sales and management.

As associates progress through the learning path, they will progress from having formal classroom training to working with a coach and mentor who oversee the experiential components.

Associates will have the opportunity to work directly with customers and partners within the business throughout their time in the development program. 

Travel to different office locations within market may occur throughout the duration of the 12-month program. Ability to travel, and access to transportation for handling local assignments is required.

What a Typical Day Looks Like

  • Department Rotations (inclusive of teller, platform, management and small business sales)
  • Formal/Virtual Training (including small-business credit fundamentals)
  • Mentorship and Job Shadow
  • Working with customers/prospects and conducting joint/individual meetings

Career Opportunities

Upon the successful completion of PNC’s Retail (ACCEL) Early Career Development Program, associates are placed into a permanent position that aligns the associate’s skill development with long-term career interests and open positions. 

Consumer & Business Banking graduate opportunities may include:

  • Branch Manager (Traditional, Universal or In-Store Branch)
  • Assistant Manager (Traditional, Universal, Business Banking Center)
  • Business Banking Specialist
  • Business Banking Sales Associate

In 2018, ACCEL will launch a redesigned Retail Development Program.  The new program will build upon the existing framework, continue to support and place associates into branch leadership, business banking, and customer care with the opportunity for additional opportunities within Retail Channels.  The goal of the redesign is to build Retail Athletes who can drive success for the Retail Bank and the PNC Enterprise.

Duration & Locations




Various Locations Available:

Central New Jersey; Central Ohio; Chicago/Wisconsin; Florida; Greater Washington, D.C.; Northeast (PA/NJ); Northern Ohio; Philadelphia/Delaware/South Jersey/; Southern Ohio/Northern Kentucky; Southwest PA

Preferred Areas of Study: Sales, Management or related majors

Desired Skills: Strong interpersonal and leadership skills with an interest in relationship building through consultative sales. Customer Service, Flexibility, Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, Goal-oriented, Risk Management and Problem-Solving.

Minimum Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree from a 4-year school or university, 3.0 GPA 

Please check back in fall 2018 for information on submitting your interest.