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Information, technology and offerings aimed at protecting your personal and financial information.

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Prevention methods carry the most impact in combating and reducing identity fraud. Learn about our products, services and account features that help prevent fraud.

  • Our Pledge
    Your Information is Our Priority
    Our Chief Security Officer, Debbie Guild, explains our commitment to your data security and privacy.
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    What PNC Does with your Personal Information
    We are committed to protecting your privacy by treating your financial information responsibly.
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    EV SSL Certificates
    An extra layer of security lets you know you are on the authentic PNC Online Banking site and can safely continue to sign on.
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    EMV Chip Cards
    Innovations in card technology help to protect your personal information.
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    Verified by VISA®
    Protect yourself and your identity when shopping online with your debit or credit card.
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    VISA Checkout
    Visa Checkout lets you click, pay and be on your way. No need to re-enter payment and shipping information when you shop online.
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    Apple Pay™
    Use your phone to make payments without ever sharing your card information with the merchant.
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    Google Pay™
    Use your phone to make payments without ever sharing your card information with the merchant.
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    Online Statements
    Protect yourself against fraud and identity theft by receiving your PNC Bank statements online rather than through the mail.
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    Payments Security
    Customers do business with merchants they trust, so it's more important than ever that you have a plan for keeping cardholder data safe and secure.
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    Clover® Security® Plus
    Reduce risk and protect cardholder data at every stage of the transaction.
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    PINACLE® Security
    PNC's corporate online banking portal provides a comprehensive suite of security controls to address the increasing volume and sophistication of online banking cyber-threats.
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  • Detection

    Understanding and recognizing fraud is an effective way of helping to prevent it from happening to you. Learn about our tools to detect potential fraud before it's too late.

    Learn How to Spot & Report Phishing
    Phishing is a fraudulent attempt, usually made through e-mail or phone, including text messaging, to steal your personal information.
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    Online & Mobile Banking
    See up-to-the-minute online account activity for your PNC accounts. Stay on top of your accounts and detect fraud early.[1]
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  • Awareness
    Stay informed by setting up alerts and easily monitor your accounts via email or text message.
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  • Expertise
    Fusion Center
    A team of technology and security experts with backgrounds in the military, law enforcement and financial services work together 24/7 in the same location to defend against cyber threats.
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  • Malware Detection
    Trusteer Rapport
    We have partnered with a leading expert in financial security, to offer online fraud protection software FREE to our customers.
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  • Resolution

    We stand ready to help guide you every step of the way and get your credit, identity and account information restored as quickly and completely as possible to minimize damages.

    Online Banking & Bill Pay Guarantee
    We strive to protect your information and provide timely and accurate transactions.
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    Zero Liability
    Use your PNC debit and credit cards with confidence. They're protected - 100% - from verified, unauthorized purchases due to fraud or identity theft.[2]
    Assortment of PNC credit and debit cards
    Reporting Fraud
    In the event you become a victim of identity fraud, the sooner you report fraud or identity theft, the faster PNC and the authorities can take steps to assist you.
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    Identity Theft Reimbursement Insurance
    If you become a victim of identity theft or fraud, we can help you recover some of the costs involved in clearing your name.
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    Customer Service
    Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to find additional answers to your questions and concerns, or contact us for additional help.
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  • Education

    Being knowledgeable about security is your best attack deterrent against fraud.

  • Innovation & Security
    You’ve Been Hacked! Seven Tips to Help Detect and Take Back Control
    Learn some of the warning signs that you may have been hacked and tips you can use to help take back control.
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  • Quizzes
    How Much Do You Know?
    When it comes to cyber security, our shifting digital world means there's a lot to keep in mind.
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  • Tips
    Cyber Security IQ
    What steps are you taking to protect yourself online? Review our tips for building a foundation to secure and monitor your information.
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  • FAQS
    Protecting Your Identity
    Common questions relating to identity theft and what you should do if you suspect you are a victim.
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  • TIPS
    Cyber Security Tips
    Knowledge is the best attack deterrent, so please review our valuable cyber security tips.
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  • Tips
    Return to Sender: Be on the Lookout for E-mail Fraud
    A former cyber-cop details 8 tricks the crooks try to attack your computer or smartphone.
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    How to Catch a Phish
    Safety tips for individuals and small businesses to help recognize and avoid phishing attacks.
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  • Social Media
    Six Tips for Social Media Security
    No one is immune from cyber criminals. Protect your personal information and be more aware of your social media activity with these six tips. 
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  • Achievement Sessions
    Mobile Payments: How the Heck Do They Work?
    Find out how mobile payments and one of the technologies behind them, Near Field Communication (NFC), actually work.
    Mobile phone with wifi signal
  • Achievement Sessions
    Identity Theft: Me & My Shadow
    5 simple ways to protect yourself from identity theft.
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  • Video
    Network Security
    Learn what constitutes a secure network, how to protect yourself, common myths, and what we do to help you.
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  • Taxes
    The #1 Scam
    Learn about impostor IRS phone calls and how to defend yourself against potentially fraudulent activity.
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  • Important Legal Disclosures & Information

    1. A supported mobile device is needed to use Mobile Banking. Standard message and data rates may apply.

    2. Zero Liability Fraud Protection does not apply to ATM transactions or PIN transactions not processed by Visa, and certain commercial card transactions.  Notify PNC Bank immediately of any unauthorized use.  For specific restrictions, limitations and other details regarding unauthorized use, see your account agreement.

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