Done Deal: Quba Solutions

Continued Expansion

The Company: Recruitment Excellence

Headquartered in Dorchester, Quba Solutions Ltd (Quba) is an integrated finance and business management provider specifically tailored for the recruitment industry. Quba enables recruitment businesses to trade immediately and concentrate on client engagement, in the knowledge that its credit control, payroll bureau, timesheets, debt insurance and all HMRC reporting, are taken care of.

The Deal: Rapid Growth

Founded in 2015, Quba has expanded strongly to be a company with annualised turnover in excess of £250 million. With such growth, Quba wanted to make sure it had the right funding partner and took the decision to review.

The Achievement: Continued Expansion

The choice to move to PNC sees Quba with a facility that not only fulfils the immediate company needs, but also delivers ample headroom to allow for business growth to continue in the coming years.

Recruitment Solutions

Quba Solutions


Revolving Line of Credit

Financing Event: Growth
PNC Deal Leader: Justin Edwards

We have known PNC for a few years and when the opportunity arose to open a dialogue with them, they really stood out from the crowd. They undertook the deal from beginning to end in a timely manner, which was very refreshing. We never felt that we were being treated as a commodity, in fact it was quite the opposite. They instinctively understood our business and created a deal that works for us, instead of any form of templated solution. We have a very real sense that they believe in us. This feels like a proper partnership and we are very excited by what we can achieve with PNC at our side in the years ahead.

__ Paul Tonks | Finance Director, Quba Solutions