Your Culture. Our Support. A Shared Vision.

Our Approach

We strive to be supportive long-term partners to management teams, and we pride ourselves on our straightforward approach and down-to-earth demeanor.

Preserving of Culture and Legacy

We recognize that a company’s culture is a key driver of success, and we seek to preserve the culture and legacy of our portfolio companies before, during, and after our involvement.

Collaborative Style

We entrust day-to-day operations to management, while seeking to be value-added partners for key strategic decisions and initiatives, such as add-on acquisitions and expansions into new geographies and end markets.

Diverse Experience

Our strong track record and diverse experience across a wide range of industries allow us to provide a unique perspective and support well beyond our capital investment.

Flexible, Patient Capital

Our broad investment mandate allows us to consider a wide range of capital structures to meet the needs of the companies we invest in. This often includes tax-efficient structures that are beneficial to management and other co-investors. In addition, our unique structure allows for extended investment hold periods beyond those of traditional private equity funds.

Incentive Alignment

We believe strongly in aligning our interests with those of management, typically by providing significant incentive equity to key executives. Moreover, any co-investment by management is typically in the same securities as our investment, so we truly stand shoulder to shoulder.

We had a very positive experience with PNC as an equity partner. They made crucial contributions to the company’s growth and development over the past three years. And personally, I respect and appreciate that PNC took a forward looking approach to our business that positioned CMP for continued success in the future.

Bill Drury, President & CEO of CMP

100+ Companies

PNC Riverarch and its predecessors have provided equity to over 100 companies

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