When evaluating a potential banking relationship, it’s essential for a business to take into account their most imminently critical financial needs. But it’s also important not to lose sight of how these needs are likely to evolve going forward. This was top of mind for leaders of Sentinel Integrity Solutions when they sat down to talk with a team from PNC in late 2023.

Sentinel Integrity Solutions, based in Houston, Texas, provides inspection and testing services for energy and manufacturing industries. Savvy and attuned to the financial landscape, the company’s owners and executives were proactively looking to transition their banking relationship to a strong, secure bank that could help them meet the full scope of their financial services needs.

“This was not about finding a product to meet one particular need, such as a loan or line of credit, but rather about taking a comprehensive view to make sure the business overall was well-positioned for financial stability and growth,” said PNC Relationship Manager Joseph Lively. “Because of that, listening closely to what their pain points and objectives were and carefully considering what PNC could bring to the table was really important.”

Ultimately, PNC and Sentinel Integrity Solutions were able to tailor a set of solutions that addressed the full range of the company’s financial objectives. In addition to the more traditional banking offerings that supported their immediate needs, including lending and treasury management services, there was a future-state solution that piqued their interest. In conversations with Sentinel, PNC learned that they were planning to implement a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform in the near future.

“Hearing about their plans for a new ERP got us talking about how embedded finance tools, coupled with ERP technology, can be a real game changer from a back-office treasury management perspective,” said Lively. “PNC has made a huge commitment to pioneering embedded finance technology, and around the time we were meeting with Sentinel, PNC was in the process of establishing capabilities for their particular ERP to be compatible with our APIs and embedded finance solutions. Sentinel was quick to realize that this investment in future services could really benefit their company longer term.”

As Sentinel Integrity Solutions continues to grow, its leaders are committed to ongoing evaluation of banking solutions that will help the company thrive. “We have a great relationship with Sentinel, and that’s due in part to the vision that they have for the future,” said Ralph Miller, a PNC Commercial Banking market leader. “Like PNC, they are proactive about making investments, whether in technology or solid, proven banking practices, that can help set them up for long-term success.” 

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