Accessible Banking

Empowering Our Customers with Disabilities

Accessibility at PNC

We strive to continually enhance the accessibility and usability of our website and mobile applications so that you can successfully manage your finances whether you are in a branch or using a home computer, mobile device, or tablet.

Digital Banking

Online & Mobile Solutions

Online and Mobile Banking[1] empower you to bank and manage your money from your computer or mobile device:

  • Pay bills
  • Open accounts*
  • Review account activity and balances
  • Transfer money[2]
  • View Online Statements[3]
  • Apply for loans*

Mobile Banking also allows you to deposit checks and request your last five transactions via text.

Activities marked with an asterisk (*) are not available in Mobile Banking.

PNC Voice Banking

With our Voice Banking service, you can get immediate access to a variety of PNC Bank account-related information and services right over the phone anytime.

Banking in Person

Branch & ATM Options

Accessible Branches

To make banking in person easier, includes details concerning the specific accessibility options available at each branch. Use the PNC Locator to get directions to one of your local branches.

Drive-Thru Banking

Bank from the comfort of your car at our drive-thru facilities with the assistance of a PNC employee, available at select branches. Use the PNC Locator to find a branch with drive-thru baking.


Our ATMs provide a Talking ATM feature that delivers private instructions via a headset. Use the PNC Locator to find the closest PNC ATM or select one of our drive-up ATM locations


Video Banking Machines (VBMs) connect you with a remote banker via audio and video. We offer VBMs across 18 markets and plan to roll out more across our network.

Accessible Offerings

  • Interpreter Services: We offer a variety of interpreter options (ASL, CART, Tactile, English or British) to best fit your needs. Please contact your local branch to request an interpreter for your next appointment.
  • Statements and Card Products for People Who Are Blind/Low Vision: We provide statements as well as debit and credit cards in accessible formats. To learn more call the Care Center at 1-888-PNC-BANK (1-888-762-2265) or visit your local branch.
  • Telecommunication Relay Service: We accept calls made through relay services and will also use relay services to call you. Dial 711 for assistance.
  • ABLEnow Account: An ABLEnow account is a tax-advantaged savings account for individuals with disabilities. It allows you to save, invest, and pay for qualified disability expenses without losing benefits. Discover ABLEnow features 

Mobile Banking


If you use a screen reader, we recommend TalkBack. There are also accessibility apps built into many Android devices. You can explore these options on your device or consult Android's support pages:


If you use a screen reader, we recommend VoiceOver. There are also accessibility apps built into many Apple devices. You can explore these options on your device or consult Apple’s support pages:

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Message Us

We can address many questions and requests by chat.

Call Us

You can also call the Care Center – dial 711 for relay services.

Schedule an Appointment

Make an appointment with a PNC Specialist nearest you.

Find Your Local Branch

Use the PNC Locator to get directions to a local PNC branch.



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