Companies of all sizes are increasingly looking for growth beyond borders. In order to succeed in the international marketplace, you need control and flexibility in your cash flow. That means clear visibility into your accounts as well as cash management and liquidity structures that maximize access to funds and liquidity solutions in different local and regional markets and in multiple currencies.

What are some of the characteristics of a successful international cash flow?

Multicurrency accounts, multibank reporting capabilities and multibank transfers should be available through a robust online portal that makes transactions easy, transparent and accurate. Introductions and support with international financial institutions and trading partners are also essential elements of a successful international cash flow strategy.

Multicurrency Accounts

These accounts hold a single foreign currency instead of U.S. dollars. They help you maintain control over foreign currency cash flows through your online portal. They facilitate foreign cash flow through check or wire deposits and wire disbursements in the same currency or different currencies.

Ad Hoc Rate Analysis can help you understand the implications of movement in exchange rates.

Disbursement Capabilities can automate outgoing wires. For example, one company uses multicurrency accounts to hold euros rather than converting them to U.S. dollars. This tactic can help you mitigate foreign exchange risk and save the company money.

Multibank Reporting

A surprising number of companies still rely on infrequent manual monthly reporting by in-country personnel to keep track of international multibank transactions and balances.

Multibank reporting through your bank’s portal can provide a highly accurate alternative. You receive a consolidated view of balance and transaction activity for all of your international banking relationships through a single interface utilizing the SWIFT network.

Multibank reporting:

  • Provides balance and transaction information incorporating a U.S. dollar-equivalent display.
  • Helps you understand a variety of exchange scenarios.
  • Enables you to receive BAI transmissions for accounts held at your banks.

Multibank Transfers

You need to move money between your international bank accounts quickly, clearly and efficiently. The right kind of multibank transfer mechanism can enable authorized users to initiate a request through a web portal for funds transfer via wire to and from selected bank accounts via SWIFT.

This will enable you to:

  • Eliminate the inconvenience of accessing multiple bank platforms.
  • Control global disbursements from a centralized portal.

Know Your Business Counterparts

Knowing the individuals and organizations you do business with is essential to success when doing business in foreign countries. Ask for referrals and tools to help you choose and develop business relationships that can help you meet your goals.

Your bank should be able to:

  • Help navigate the complexity of opening foreign bank accounts.
  • Make appropriate introductions.
  • Overcome language barriers.
  • Fulfill documentation and other requirements.
  • Serve as an ongoing liaison with your foreign financial institutions.

Success in the international marketplace requires maintaining the right amount of cash at the right time in the right currencies and having mutually beneficial relationships with your trading partners.

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