Visionary, Driven, Passionate and Entrepreneurial Single Mom – are all terms that aptly describe Vesna Deljosevic, President and CEO of Reforma Group. Based in Michigan, Reforma Group is a wholesale cosmetics distributor that creates custom and private label skincare products, focusing on clean skincare using the fewest ingredients possible.


Reforma has hit a hyper growth phase in recent years. With consumers focused on clean skincare, many companies are looking for private label distributors. Outside of standard operations, Reforma nimbly responded to COVID-19 needs to produce the ever-essential hand sanitizer, further accelerating its growth trajectory.

Reforma was using the business’ cash to support all its expansion – a path that can be high risk if not managed carefully. As the business began to outgrow its current production facilities and require more resources, the company launched a search for a banking partner that could scale with the business and was willing to provide meaningful support.

“We were banking locally and it didn’t feel like they were taking us seriously,” says Deljosevic. “One day I just asked how big I had to get before they would start working with us and they didn't have an answer for that. That’s when I realized I had to find another bank if I was going to make it to the next level.”

Reforma’s needs went beyond cash management – the company was looking to expand its facilities. On the personal side, Deljosevic was looking for help with personal estate and financial planning. As a business owner, her focus had been entirely on her business for many years, but she was interested in buying a house and creating a financial plan.


Over a series of conversations with Deljosevic, PNC’s advisory team assembled a competitive working capital and financing package for the business. The team also walked her through how different strategies would work for her business, helping her make sense of the options.

“I want to work with people, not companies,” Deljosevic says. “I felt like PNC put together a team that I could work with and understood my business. Now I call them whenever I want to do something new and we work together on how to make it happen.”


Addressing Reforma’s immediate need, PNC created a working capital and financing package as well as a building financing package to support the production facility. From there, Reforma also worked with PNC on improving internal controls, financial reporting, and treasury management.

Alongside the business relationship, PNC introduced Deljosevic to PNC’s Wealth Management team to help her craft a succession and estate plan. In addition, the team helped Deljosevic set up insurance and finance the purchase of a home.

Now, Reforma Group and its CEO are relying on PNC's tools and support for:

  • Working capital, equipment and building finance
  • Digitized treasury management and improved financial reporting
  • Personal wealth management, estate and retirement planning

The PNC team also works closely with Deljosevic to help her make personal and professional connections. PNC has introduced her and Reforma Group to PNC’s M&A advisory firm, Harris Williams, which has facilitated conversations about potential acquisitions and other ways of expanding the business.

I feel like I hit the jackpot. They treat me like I have millions and millions of dollars in the bank even though I know I’m far from their biggest account. And I know that the team at PNC is going to work with me no matter what I throw at them. That’s why I stay.
— Vesna Deljosevic, President and CEO, Reforma Group