When the Bhavnanis went into business in 2003, they opened their doors as All American Healthcare Services, a small, family-owned staffing agency with a lot of potential. Little did they know just how much growth was in store, as what began as a homegrown operation in New Jersey would very quickly become a nationwide enterprise serving more than three million nursing personnel – all as the result of a global pandemic, forward-thinking leadership, and a technology savvy banking team.

All American Healthcare Services is now known as AllShifts, an on-demand nurse staffing agency whose mission is to help quickly fill open nursing shifts in nursing homes and long-term care facilities across the United States with CNAs, LPNs, RNs, and other healthcare professionals. The company’s new name and expanded reach are the result of new leadership by Ron Bhavnani, who took over as COO when his parents retired, and CEO Paul Ruderman, who joined the company as Ron’s business partner. Upon taking the reins, the new leaders had a vision, and it didn’t take them long to reach out for help to realize it.

“Conversations between PNC and the leadership at team at AllShifts started off around traditional banking topics – lending and meeting other essential financial needs. But when we began having discussions with them about some of the technological capabilities our Treasury Management team could offer, it really piqued their interest,” said Jessica Viotto, a treasury management officer at PNC. “They were a technologically savvy group with a goal of becoming the predominant digital platform in their field. They were quick to see the potential that PNC’s embedded finance capabilities could offer their business.”

Much of AllShifts’ interest focused on finding ways to process payroll payments more quickly and expediently. The impetus for this grew suddenly and exponentially with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as demand surged for nursing care. To help meet the growing need, AllShifts wanted to be able to compensate staffers with immediate payments for their hours of work, as well as offer incentives for booking and working shifts.

They were successful in achieving these objectives by working with PNC’s Treasury Management team to embed PNC’s ePayments solution into the AllShifts mobile app. ePayments capabilities allowed staffers to retrieve on-demand payments via the payment method of their choosing, immediately following a shift, eliminating the need to wait to receive payouts through traditional payroll processing. The approach proved to be a game changer, as AllShifts was able to set themselves apart from other staffing agencies by offering not only the convenience of a staffing app, but also the option of on-demand payouts. The result set them on the path of impressive growth, both during and beyond COVID-19.

The company has continued to expand its reach throughout the country, and it has maintained a focus on adopting technology-centered treasury management solutions to support its growth and evolving payroll needs. This includes processing daily payroll for all employees using PNC’s Intelligent Routing service, which automatically determines the most appropriate payment type based on the potential for fastest delivery (real-time payment, wire transfer, Same Day ACH, or traditional next-day ACH). The company also has improved its receivables process through an expanded nationwide lockbox network, which helps them operate more efficiently in all 50 U.S. states.

“What PNC and AllShifts have been able to achieve is a testament not only to the role embedded finance can play to quickly expand a company’s reach through innovative product offerings, but also the power of close collaboration,” said Bob May, head of the Embedded Finance Product team in PNC Treasury Management. “AllShifts came to us with a vision of what they wanted to do, and we were able to work with them to bring it to life through our treasury management platform. PNC’s embedded finance product capabilities help companies like AllShifts differentiate themselves relative to competitors, as well as offer superior experiences to their customers.”

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