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Payments are the lifeblood of any business, driving working capital through payables and receivables.  In this dynamic and technology-driven economy, organizations need a full suite of traditional and innovative payment options to support the speed and nature of commerce. 

Our payments platform delivers innovative and integrated solutions for your payments and receivables. A team of experienced professionals is here to help you optimize your payments and receivables so you can accelerate incoming payments, streamline accounting functions, increase insight into your finances and take control over your cash position.


Streamline and automate with our payables solutions

Automating the Invoice to Pay process provides enhanced visibility into an organization’s financial supply chain, while unlocking the full potential of the Accounts Payable department, including improvement of DPO (days payable outstanding).


Collect, integrate and increase access to working capital with our receivables solutions

The introduction of Invoice to Cash automation reduces manual intervention and increases straight through processing, while reducing exception handling and improving DSO (days sales outstanding).  


Immediate Payments

In an increasingly digital world, companies are recognizing the need for faster and more transparent payments

PNC offers a mix of traditional electronic payments alongside faster payment options to provide a comprehensive set of payment solutions that meet the varied needs of your organization.

Businesses continue to seek ways to reduce paper checks and eliminate manual processes while consumers expect businesses to provide convenient payment options.

We can help your company achieve faster, more efficient payment processing while reducing risk through digital innovation

It is becoming increasingly important that businesses evolve and provide their customers with a modern, digital experience. Companies can leverage new tools and technologies to design innovative, efficient solutions to meet evolving expectations.

PNC provides multiple delivery channels for our suite of payment solutions including our PINACLE® online platfom, API, and file transmission. For more information, please visit our Integration and Digital Services site for a comprehensive overview of connectivity options, API specifications and Developer Portal.

Real Time Payments (RTP)

RTP® can deliver unique real-time payment capabilities, including the ability to send and receive payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • This irrevocable payment option can help reduce the risk of returns and provide money movement and full visibility of payment status within minutes [1]
  • RTP® can be used for multiple collections and disbursements applications and support both business to business and business to consumer payments


PNC’s ePayments platform offers an innovative, efficient way for businesses to pay consumers by presenting multiple payment delivery options to the payee.

  • You can choose which payment options to make available to your customer.
  • Notification of payment is delivered by email or text to the payee, and the payee can choose their preferred method of payment.
  • No customer bank account information is required. ePayments facilitates the payment notification based on the unique email address or mobile phone number of the payee.

Faster, electronic payment options include:

  • Zelle Disbursements
  • Direct Deposit
  • Direct to Debit Card
  • Check
  • Pre-Paid Card

Direct to Debit Card

PNC’s Direct to Debit Card payment offering is an API-based solution that can deliver funds to consumers quickly – often in the matter of seconds – using Visa Direct and Mastercard-issued cards.

PNC Direct to Debit Card APIs can provide your organization with easy access to features and functions to help you take full advantage of the unique capabilities of the Direct to Debit Card Disbursement service, including:

  • The ability to send and receive payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • A payment option that can help eliminate the risk of returns.
  • Instantaneous money movement and full visibility of payment status.
  • Fast and simple payout delivery to billions of eligible cards.

Intelligent Routing

As payment choices proliferate, optimization of payables and receivables transactions is paramount. To achieve this, PNC offers an innovative Intelligent Routing service that can assist you with the decision making as you assess emerging payment and traditional payment types.

Intelligent Routing:

  • Provides you with flexible options that can help you meet your specific business needs and address individual payment scenarios.
  • Can be applied for both business to business and business to consumer transactions.
  • Determines the appropriate payment type based on specific factors, such as the fastest delivery and lowest cost, depending upon preset parameters established by your organization. Payments can be sent via real-time payment (RTP®), Same Day ACH, Wire or traditional next day ACH.

As with all our payments offerings, Intelligent Routing can be embedded in your organization’s internal or client experience by using our APIs.

PNC Protect

At PNC, we want to make you aware of ongoing threats and trends, as well as the solutions and tools that can help protect your company from the harmful effects of cybercrime and payments fraud. Learn More »


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  1. When you send a payment, the availability of funds in the recipient’s account will depend on the funds availability policy of the recipient’s financial institution. Limitations to availability may apply, including “cut-off times” by which items need to be deposited to be included for processing on that business day.

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