In a tight labor market, recruiting and retaining employees takes on added importance for businesses. Many companies are seeking to stand out from the competition by offering innovative employee benefit solutions.

The appeal of benefit solutions like Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, and Lifestyle Spending Accounts – a newer benefit offering in the marketplace – comes from the flexibility they offer employees. These benefit plans are designed to help employees find flexible ways to manage their money based on their own priorities.

Financial wellness benefits can offer a win-win proposition for employees and employers, as empowering workers with resources to take control of their finances and manage their personal well-being can also lead to increased employee engagement and improved business performance.

“The same demand we see in the marketplace for customized, personalized experiences very much extends to the workplace,” said Kaley Keeley, head of PNC Organizational Financial Wellness. “Providing employees with resources that help them support their unique personal and financial goals can help companies cultivate an engaged, loyal workforce and establish themselves as an employer of choice.”

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Through PNC Organizational Financial Wellness, employers can offer meaningful options that help attract, retain, and motivate talent, including bank-at-work programs, health savings accounts, student debt assistance, online financial education, retirement plan services, and personalized guidance for employees with complex banking needs. Learn more here.

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