Video: Delivering a Unique Business Advantage in Canada


There are many factors that may make expansion into Canada appealing for U.S.-based businesses.  As companies pursue opportunities to grow their business in Canada, PNC is well-positioned to provide solutions and insight to help them operate efficiently and effectively.

Here are three things to know about how PNC supports businesses in Canada:

  1. 25 Years of Experience – PNC has a long history of providing cross-border business support in Canada, having helped a growing range of companies in the U.S. and Canada for more than 25 years. With extensive industry-specific expertise and insight, our dedicated PNC Canada team designs solutions from a full suite of products and services.
  2. Differentiated Approach and Robust Solution Suite – PNC’s relationship-based approach provides clients a single lead contact. This approach, coupled with the bank’s dedication to providing streamlined solutions to complex business needs, helps boost efficiency and enhance clients’ success. The PNC Canada team leverages PNC’s far-reaching capabilities to meet a wide range of needs, including treasury management, credit services, international banking services, foreign exchange, and strategic financing.
  3. Integrated PINACLE® Platform Offers an Advantage – Clients can leverage one integrated platform to access and manage all of their PNC account information in both the U.S. and Canada, eliminating the need for multiple platforms and applications across various banking providers. This helps streamline treasury operations to allow companies to focus on strategic priorities and driving business forward.

“PNC has been committed to helping clients build and maintain a business advantage in Canada for more than 25 years,” said Regional President and Principal Officer for PNC Canada David Olsen. “Through a combination of our deep experience, innovative solution set, and relationship-focused approach, we can help companies develop strategies to achieve long-term success working across international borders.”

Ready to Help

PNC can assist Canadian companies and U.S. companies with actual or projected operations in Canada with credit, depository, and treasury management products and services. To learn more, reach out to your Relationship Manager or visit



Making it easy to do business in Canada. That's what PNC has done for a growing range of companies in the U.S. and Canada for more than 25 years.

Our experience, industry-leading innovation, and local, relationship-based approach help provide streamlined solutions to complex business needs,
boost efficiency, and enhance our clients' success. 

Our seamless, cross-border capabilities are driven by the innovative technology that sets PNC apart. With PINACLE, PNC delivers a unique advantage for companies doing business in Canada.

Clients can leverage one integrated platform for all of their PNC account
information and management, in both the U.S. and Canada, eliminating the need to have separate relationships across multiple banking providers.

With extensive industry-specific expertise and insight, our dedicated PNC Canada team designed solutions from a full suite of products and services,
including treasury management, credit services, international banking services, foreign exchange, and strategic financing.

At PNC, our focus is to help our U.S.-based clients build and maintain a business advantage in Canada, and help our Canadian businesses across the U.S. market. We continuously invest in technology with our clients' needs top of mind, to help them do business with greater insight, ease, and efficiency, all to help ensure their long-term success, both in the U.S. and Canada.