Self-publishing enables many people to fulfill their dreams of becoming published authors. Is self-publishing right for you? Here are five tips that may help:

1. Be clear about your purpose - What is your goal? How broad is your audience? If you want to publish primarily to build your business, then self-publishing may be the right approach. Looking for media attention or entry to the speaker circuit as a thought leader? Then, a traditional publisher may offer the necessary clout.

2. Get expert help - If you self-publish, you will need help writing, editing, proofreading, designing, printing, marketing, and distributing your book. These are all specialized skills. Fortunately, there are lots of resources available. Carefully research based on your budget and goals.

3. Embrace quality - Traditional publishers have vigorous processes for any book they publish. If you self-publish, apply those same standards. Having a high quality manuscript and book cover not only help sell more books but also enhance your brand.

4. Prepare to invest time and money - Self-publishing costs thousands of dollars. You also need to invest time. For example, if you want your book to represent your voice, you will spend significant time working with your ghostwriter or editor.

5. Have fun and minimize stress - Writing a book and self-publishing can be a very frustrating process. Try to make it fun. Only work with people you like and who can deliver. And remember, it really does feel great when you finally hold a hard copy of your book in your hands.