PNC Mezzanine Capital - Partner
Preston G. Walsh

Preston joined PNC Mezzanine Capital in 1995. Previously, Preston was an analyst with Brentwood Associates, a venture capital and leveraged buyout firm. Prior to Brentwood Associates, he was an analyst in the merchant banking division of Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc. During business school, Preston was an associate at Crescent Capital Corporation, an investment firm focused on below investment-grade and mezzanine securities.

Preston is a director of American Grease Stick Company, American Track Services, Magnum Magnetics Corporation, Merex Holding Corporation and Prospect Mold, Inc. and has oversight for PNC Mezzanine’s investments in Salient Federal Solutions and True Temper, Inc. Preston was previously a director of Century Mold Co., Inc., Metal Spinners, Inc., Miller Heiman, Inc., Stampede Meat, Inc., The Windy Hill Pet Food Company, Inc., The Riddell Sports Group, Inc., Urban CableWorks LLC, The Hunt Valve Company, Tooling Technology, LLC, the Amerin Insurance Company and Tweeter Home Entertainment Group, Inc.

Preston received degrees in economics and engineering with honors from Princeton University and an MBA from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA, where he was a venture capital fellow.