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Elements of Art

Learn about observation as a tool to understand a work of art, and use observation skills to explore instruments and sound. Provide a guided observation by imagining the story behind the artwork and linking everyday objects and activities to artwork. Manipulate materials and experiment with various techniques to create artwork that reflects individual thoughts, feelings, experiences and knowledge.

  • ARTS
    Music Explorers: Percussion
    Children will explore instruments and sound through observation and sort percussion instruments by how they produce sound.
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  • Arts
    Observing Art
    Children will make observations about art.
    Young boy viewing art in a gallery
  • Arts
    Exploring Color
    Children will explore the use of color in art.
    Color wheel displaying colors of the rainbow
  • Arts
    Colorful Still Life
    Children will explore colors and create art from still life.
    Young girl painting
  • Arts
    Exploring Line
    Children will explore line in art.
    Young boy draws a house outline
  • Arts
    Lined Pottery
    Children will explore lines and use lines to decorate their own pottery.
    Child's hands playing with molding materials
  • Arts
    Bubble Painting
    Children will make bubble paintings.
    Soap bubbles up close