The 3Ts program is about helping you set your child up for success. Learn, watch videos, and unlock tips designed for parents of infants and toddlers.


Sesame Street
Learning Resources

Our free bilingual resources were developed in partnership with early childhood education experts and aim to help parents, caregivers and educators enhance learning opportunities for young children

Free Activity Guide

Explore tips and activities to engage with young children

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Back To School Tips

Make some lists to help prepare children for school

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Free Online Course

Professional development course available for early educators

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Getting Ready for School and Life – Together!TM

As a caring adult in children’s lives, you naturally want children to be ready for school and for life. It’s a big world, and children need a lot of support from grown-ups to be able to live and thrive in it… now and over a lifetime!

Videos for Parents and Caregivers

Remembering Our Time Together

This video highlights the good feelings that family memories can bring. As you watch together with children, think of—and talk about—happy times you’ve had as a family.

Watch ‘Remembering Our Time Together’

The Wonderful in You

Together with children, watch this video, which focuses on adult-child bonds and celebrates the special pride parents and caregivers have for their children. Tell children what you think is wonderful about them.

Watch ‘The Wonderful in You’

Videos for Providers

Get to know preschool teachers Joseph Braswell and Callie Weller. As you watch these videos—whether on your own or with colleagues—think about how you might bring their insights and philosophies as well as specific and ideas into your work. You might take notes as you watch.

Meet the Providers: Joseph and Callie

Watch Meet the Providers: Joseph and Callie

Peaceful Problem Solving

Watch Peaceful Problem Solving

Helping Hands

Watch Helping Hands

A Welcoming Space

Watch A Welcoming Space

Download Printables

I am Somebody

An activity page with a strategy that can help set the stage for a lifetime of confidence, pride, and strength!

Download I Am Somebody

Seeds for Good

An activity page reminding children that even little acts of kindness can make a big difference.

Download Seeds for Good

Together We Shine & Sparkle

An activity about how we’re all connected… and how we’re stronger together.

Download Together We Shine & Sparkle

The Wonderful in You

A parent-child activity page encouraging bonding

Download The Wonderful in You

Sing the Wonderful! Lyric Sheet

After watching the music video “The Wonderful in You”, print this page so you can sing the song whenever you like! Move together and have a “Wonderful” dance party. Invite children to decorate the page, then display where everyone can see it often.

Download the Sing the Wonderful! Lyric Sheet

Dream Big!

Print (or just read on screen) some or all of this adult-child activity book focusing on celebrating what makes us each unique, how we’re all connected, and how little ones can build a better world! You can sit with children and complete the pages together, or just talk about what you see on screen.

Download Dream Big!

Our Big Lives

Print this page and invite children to join the Sesame Street community by drawing themselves into the picture. Then display their work!

Download Our Big Lives

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