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Explore the concept of fall and seasonal changes in nature. Learn about apples, pumpkins, the parts of a tree, and why leaves change colors.  Discover how animals such as squirrels prepare for the winter months.

  • Arts, Science
    Fun With Leaves
    Children will explore and sort leaves, and make leaf rubbings.
    Little brothers looking at fallen leaves through a magnifying glass
  • Science
    Pumpkin Pudding
    Children will learn about the pumpkin, including that it’s edible.
    Photo of a little girl cleaning out the inside of a pumpkin with her hand
  • Science
    Nuts & Seeds
    Children will learn about seeds and nuts in the fall.
    Photo of a little boy playing with pinecones
  • Science
    Large, Leafy Tree
    Children will learn about trees in the fall.
    Photo of a girl throwing leaves
  • Art
    Fall Landscapes
    Children will discuss and make fall pictures.
    Photo of a little girl painting at an easel outside, surrounded by fallen leaves
  • Arts, Science
    Munchy, Crunchy Apples
    Children will learn facts about apples.
    Photo of little brothers eating apples out of a basket
  • Arts, Science
    Colorful Leaves
    Children will learn about the changing colors of leaves.
    Photo of a little girl smiling while laying in a pile of fallen leaves
  • Arts, Science
    Family Trees
    Children will learn about the parts of trees and will make family trees.
    A photo of parents showing their daughter a photo album
  • Science
    The Pumpkin & Its Parts
    Children will learn about pumpkins and their growth cycle.
    Photo of a little girl hugging a pumpkin
  • Arts, Science
    Squirreling Away Food
    Children will learn about how squirrels get ready for winter.
    Photo of a squirrel eating a pile of nuts