Teacher's Toolkit

Enhance learning in your classroom.

Use research-based training and strategies to enrich our lesson plans in science and the arts.

TIPS: Building a Foundation for Success

Download tips for fostering high-quality preschool learning experiences.

Creating Home-School Connections

It's important that teachers and families work together to provide the best possible learning experiences for children.

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Supporting Arts & Science Learning

Parents and caregivers play an important role in supporting early science and arts learning in their children.

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Training Videos & Instructional Techniques

Watch science and arts inquiry-based teaching in pre-K classrooms.

Science Inquiry Learning

Inquiry Learning Part 1

Using Open-Ended Questions

This video demonstrates how to use open-ended questions to deepen children's understanding of concepts, build their vocabulary and extend their use of oral language.

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Inquiry Learning Part 2

Using Science Inquiry Learning in Your Classroom

Watch this video to learn about how using inquiry learning techniques encourage engagement when teaching young students about science concepts. This includes using appropriate materials, allowing time for exploration, asking predictive questions, using science-based vocabulary and reflecting on children's understanding.

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Inquiry Learning Part 3

Using Wait Time in the Classroom

This video highlights the value of wait time and provides tips for using high-level, probing questions to scaffold children’s learning.

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Art of Observation

Art of Observation

This video illustrates the importance of teaching young students how to look at objects—and then providing ample time for careful observation.

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