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The winter season and cold temperatures are the focus as students learn about changes in matter and the different ways animals prepare for winter. Fun activities include exploring camouflage, experimenting with icy water, melting ice and freezing liquids.

  • Science
    Ice Globes
    Children will explore water on a frozen surface.
    Photo of an ice globe
  • Science
    Ice Towers
    Children will explore building with ice cubes.
    Ice cubes stacked into pyramid
  • Science
    Mittens & Gloves
    Children will investigate differences between using mittens and using gloves.
    Colorful mittens on a child's hands
  • Science
    Seed Gathering
    Children will explore how birds get food in winter.
    Small bird standing in seeds outside
  • Science
    The Big Meltdown
    Children will explore melting snow.
    Young boy and girl play in melting snow together
  • Science
    Winter Camouflage
    Children will learn about camouflage.
    Camouflaged white furry animal
  • Science
    What Freezes?
    Children will experiment with freezing different liquids.
    Child's hand touching ice
  • Science
    Melting Ice
    Children will experiment with melting ice.
    Small child holding snow ball
  • Arts, Science
    Animals in Winter
    Children will explore ways animals prepare for winter.
    Small child playing inside homemade igloo
  • Science
    Blubber Glove
    Children will explore how animals stay warm in winter.
    Furry white animal in snow