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Hawthorn Perspectives

Institute for Family Success

Where Family Trees Flourish

Preparing Wealth for Families and Families for Wealth

The Hawthorn Institute for Family Success® was established to help prepare families like yours for the benefits, responsibilities, and challenges of wealth. Based on insights gleaned from 30 years of serving families with substantial wealth, the Institute for Family Success offers experiences, tools, services, and access to a brain trust of world-class thought leaders to ensure that your wealth is a positive influence today — and for future generations.

Because every family is on its own journey, each family chooses how and when to engage with the Hawthorn Institute.

Our service offerings allow customized approaches to exploring — and realizing — your vision of family success. We invite you to learn more about...

  • Salons to build “inner circle” networks of peer families to exchange experiences and learning through conversation led by knowledgeable facilitators
  • Workshops to engage in deeper and practical learning with other peer families
  • Family Assessments to identify your family strengths and capabilities for well-being, opportunities for development, and where to begin
  • Family Retreats to gather as a family to purposefully discuss your goals related to wealth, assess and develop Family Success Factors, and enhance family ties
  • Coaching to develop patterns of resilience and growth through one-on-one conversations tied to a customized plan with measurable progress
  • Legacy Preservation to explore and capture your family’s identity in innovative ways that provide a common language and understanding for all generations

Financial success and family success are intimately linked.

By collecting a rich set of resources under one roof, Hawthorn is uniquely positioned to help families achieve and sustain true wealth.

Our commitment to enhancing both Financial and Family Success Factors, extensive wealth planning capabilities, and the wisdom and experience we’ve assembled in the Hawthorn Institute for Family Success will help you realize your vision for your family’s future.

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Institute Insights

Legacy Preservation: The Stories and Values Behind the Wealth
Along with preserving wealth, families can now preserve and bequeath their legacy – the stories and values that are part of their family wealth. Preserving legacies is helping families develop a strong identity that all members can use to articulate and define their family’s common purpose.

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Hawthorn Reinvents the Salon Experience for Families of Wealth
The famous “salons” of history have a certain mystique provoked by inspiring hosts and the celebrated artists and writers they attracted. Once we are able to meet in person again, we have plans that build on the traditional dynamic of salons and reimagine it for families of wealth.

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Family Assessments: How Do We Compare?
Ever wonder how your family dynamics compare to others? Hawthorn offers an assessment that will provide an overview of your family’s well-being. The results reveal challenges and opportunities that can help enhance family success.

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The Family Retreat: Regeneration, Resilience and Reflection
What we know about family is that it is an invaluable source of stability, identity, and strength; a social invention that provides a means of leveraging our human, social, and intellectual assets. Gather as a family to purposefully discuss your goals related to wealth, assess and develop 7 Family Success Factors and enhance family ties.

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The Institute's Latest Webinar Replays

Newcomers in the Family: What Successful Onboarding Looks Like
We explore the nature of what it means to be a ‘newcomer’ and how family members facilitate or block successful integration into the family.

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