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Where Family Trees Flourish

Preparing Wealth for Families & Families for Wealth

Wealthy families often measure success not just by the assets they accumulate, but by the strength of their family and the difference they make in the world.

We understand that some families seek guidance to achieve success beyond financial wealth and we offer additional resources and opportunities to help them flourish personally, professionally and philanthropically.

We believe that preparing family members to handle the benefits, responsibilities and challenges of significant assets will help ensure that your family’s wealth remains a positive force for generations to come.

Sustaining family and financial well-being while preserving core values across multiple generations is difficult. Through 30 years of experience and our deep discovery process, we have found that successful families of wealth often share four distinct behavioral traits: 

  • They have an "inner circle" of families to learn from
  • They spend purposeful time together to discuss their wealth
  • They have a strong family identity that all can articulate
  • They seek outside guidance when they need help

Based on these insights into the best practices of ultra-affluent families, we created Hawthorn Institute for Family Success℠.

Families who engage the Hawthorn Institute for Family Success will benefit from resources and activities that help them cultivate these four behavioral traits.

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Hawthorn Institute for Family Success offers:

Family Assessments
Family Retreats
Legacy Preservation

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​Healthy Abundance: Discover the Antidote to Affluenza

View a replay of our webinar discussing strategies that nurture appreciation, compassion and gratitude around family wealth and combating affluenza.

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Legacy Preservation

Legacy Preservation to explore and capture your family’s identity in innovative ways that provide a common language and understanding for all generations

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Coaching to develop patterns of resilience and growth through one-on-one conversations tied to a customized plan with measurable progress. For Business Owners, we offer a suite of services specifically designed to help business owners achieve their life goals and objectives through the lens of behavioral coaching.

Family Retreats

Family Retreats to gather as a family to purposefully discuss your goals related to wealth, assess and develop 7 Family Success Factors, and enhance family ties

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Family Assessments

Family Assessments to identify your family strengths and capabilities for well-being, opportunities for development, and where to begin


Workshops to engage in deeper and practical learning with other peer families


Salons to build “inner circle” networks of peer families to exchange experiences and learning through conversation led by knowledgeable facilitators

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Insights from the Institute for Family Success

Your Money Story and How It Shapes Your Financial Personality
Money behavior is a result of a personality built from direct experiences and indirect stories that are absorbed from the environment you grew up in and the family that raised you. We call this early adoption around money your money story.

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Legacy Preservation: The Stories and Values Behind the Wealth
Along with preserving wealth, families can now preserve and bequeath their legacy — the stories and values that explain their success.

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How Do We Compare?
It’s universal: everyone wants to know how they measure up, and ultra-high net worth families are no different. The Family Success Factors Assessment gives families a way of answering that question.

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Welcoming New Family Members isn’t Enough—On-Boarding Outsiders
If you don’t think that on-boarding new family members matters, you may want to ask Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for a second opinion or read the rest of this article.

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