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Company Name:  Penske Automotive Group
Retail Automotive 

Penske Automotive Group (PAG) is a Fortune 500 company and one of the world's premier automotive and commercial truck retailers. In North America, the company operates 200+ auto dealerships and is the largest retailer of Freightliner commercial trucks. It also manages one of North America’s largest fleets with 442,000+ trucks, tractors, and trailers. 


With a strong culture and competitive compensation and benefits, PAG’s U.S. operations maintain a high employee retention rate far above the industry average. Team members are engaged in their work and have high participation rates in High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) and 401(k) retirement plans. However, fewer people participated in PAG’s health savings account (HSA) benefit despite having access to an employer contribution. Feedback showed many employees were unaware of the benefit or didn’t understand how it worked.

PAG’s benefits team had the opportunity to reevaluate its HSA offering after its existing provider was acquired by another company. Two priorities were identified for selecting a new solution that would drive greater participation: technology and financial education. 


Through its existing relationship with PNC Corporate & Institutional Banking, PAG connected with PNC Organizational Financial Wellness and learned about its PNC Benefit Plus HSA program, which solved for both of their needs. First, the PNC Benefit Plus HSA program uses advanced technology, giving employees paperless and mobile access. The program’s technology also provides the real-time analytics and reporting that PAG was interested in to gain insights into employee use, trends and engagement. PNC Financial Wellness Consultants share these insights with PAG in monthly relationship reviews.

Second, through the program, PAG’s employees have access to videos, FAQs, and other digital resources through the PNC Benefit Plus Learning Lounge and website that help them understand HSA benefits and how to use them to manage health costs. They can easily access their HSA benefit directly through PAG’s employee app, which features single sign-on for a seamless experience across all of the company’s benefits offerings. 


PAG has increased employee participation from 55% to 65% since adopting the PNC BeneFit Plus HSA program. The auto retailer recognizes HSAs as one crucial component of a holistic employee wellness program that has contributed to its three-time distinction as an Automotive News Top 100 Best Dealerships to Work For.


We have two of the top three dealerships on the list and dozens in the top 100. Benefits always rank high for making us a best-in-class employer and HSAs are an integral part of our overall benefits. They offer triple value in the form of pre-tax savings, tax-free growth and ‘paying back’ eligible medical expenses. The advanced technology we get with the PNC HSA solution works better for us and puts us on the cutting edge of benefits administration.

— Penske Automotive Group
Manager, Corporate Benefits