Near the middle of the Lone Star State, PNC Bank – through its continued expansion in Texas – soon plans to hire hundreds of new employees who shine when it comes to customer service and sales.

Construction of a PNC Customer Care Center in New Braunfels, Texas, is under way and on schedule to conclude in the coming months.  More than 500 employees will operate from the New Braunfels campus, drawing from an extensive talent pool in and around New Braunfels, San Antonio and Austin.

PNC has been doing business in the state of Texas for some time, but in recent years, as part of its ongoing national expansion effort, has doubled down on its investment, formalizing its local presence in two major metros: Houston and Dallas-Ft. Worth. While PNC’s initial expansion efforts focused on Corporate & Institutional Banking, the business community’s positive reception of PNC has opened the door to growing in other areas of the bank, including consumer-facing retail banking.

“The opening of a new Customer Care Center in Texas underscores our long-term commitment to the state of Texas,” said Julie Sudduth, PNC’s regional president for Houston. “This new location is not only good news for our customers, but also for our future New Braunfels employees, as we take pride in providing the tools, resources and work environment our people need to be successful.”

Roles available to the local population – ranging from entry-level to leadership positions – are critical to delivering convenient experiences for PNC’s customers, who are increasingly relying on digital and phone channels to interact with the bank.

Hard to beat the heart of Texas

When PNC weighed its options on where to establish a new Customer Care Center, it found the upside of a site in New Braunfels hard to ignore. Beyond a robust and diverse talent pool, staffing a center outside of the Eastern Time zone will provide our customers with a wider range of service hours when they require assistance. Most important, however, is the momentum under way with PNC’s ongoing expansion in Texas, including its growing presence in Houston and Dallas-Ft. Worth.

“Leading our market expansions in both Central and South Texas is particularly gratifying for me because I’m from Texas,” said Sudduth, a Houston native. “It’s the region where I grew my career. It’s where I’m raising my family. I’m so excited to bring all of the resources that PNC has to the region, to experience the growth, and to support the employees that we hire here.”

Testament to talent development

PNC is also attracting top talent to Texas from other PNC markets. Kyla Stubbs – Customer Care Center Site Manager in New Braunfels – began her career with PNC almost 16 years ago as a sales and service consultant at a Care Center in Columbus, Ohio. In her new role, one of her primary goals in the near term is to help identify and inspire employees who can ascend within the bank, as she did.

Stubbs, who juggled work, family, and college classes early in her career, considered her initial role with PNC a short-term stop on her journey to becoming a teacher or school counselor.

“Here I am, almost 16 years later. I embraced PNC’s values, and PNC has embraced me and the perspective I bring to the team.” Stubbs said. “They saw something in me and pushed me forward.”

Stubbs, a teacher at heart, continually challenged herself to learn more about PNC products and to express interest in daunting assignments. That mindset ultimately earned Stubbs a variety of leadership roles. It’s a mentality she’ll encourage and develop in new employees as the site manager at New Braunfels.

“I remember being in a similar situation that some new employees may find themselves in,” Stubbs said. “Knowing I will have that kind of connection with employe