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Meet Our Tour Managers

Hear anecdotes from our tour managers, who are creating fun and immersive experiences for children across the U.S.

At a stop in Raleigh, a mom was working with her child on the Making Choices activity. When the little girl put the soccer ball under “Needs,” the mother corrected her and told her to move it to “Wants.” The little girl responded, “But, mom I need to exercise!”

– Ashley B.  |  Mission Viejo, CA


Parents and children alike seem to most enjoy the "What I Want to Be When I Grow Up" photo activity. When the parents see their child's photo dressed as the occupation they envision for their future, it's clear that they're experiencing a moment they won't soon forget.

      – Elias R.  |  Santa Tecla, El Salvador


The quality of the tour is always more important than the quantity, which is opposite of most tour campaigns. Other companies want the most exposure in the least amount of time, but this campaign isn't marketing, it's about giving back.

– Freddy B.  |  Crystal Lake, IL


It's really rewarding to watch a child not only learn something for the first time, but be rewarded themselves for learning. We get great feedback about the impact the tour makes and the fun and memories had with our activities.

      – Liz B.  |  Johnson Creek, WI


I witnessed a boy and his grandfather experience a touching moment together. The grandfather teared up when he looked at a photo the boy had taken at our photo station.

     – Aly S.  |  Battle Creek, MI




There is no “catch” when you visit the Mobile Learning Adventure. There is no hidden agenda. We are here to make the lives of those we interact with better.

      – Matt S.  |  Louisville, KY




The One World, One Sky tour has purpose. It's not just about making a group of people happy, but connecting with and teaching the kids about the world around them. This is fulfilling work day in and day out.

     – Chun R. | Philadelphia, PA




Children seem to be absolutely in love with entering and exiting the planetarium. It's a magical moment where everyone recognizes and participates in crossing a threshold into someplace new.

     – Austin T. | Atlanta, GA



At the end of one show, a student hugged me and said, ‘This has been the best day of my life. Thanks Miss Kemi for taking me to the moon!’ I love children and education, so working daily with these two passions, and moments like this, always gives me a second wind!

     – Kemi T. | West Bloomfield, MI