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Healthy Me

Explore the foundation of personal health habits, including nutrition and exercise. Through participation in creative movement concepts, develop an understanding of balance, stability, coordination and spatial relationships.

  • Science
    Germs Can Travel
    Children will explore germs, how germs travel, and make “sneeze” paintings.
    - Alternate text here -
  • Science
    Bean Bag Balance
    Children will use bean bags to explore balance and spatial relationships.
    Photo of bean bags sitting in the grass
  • Science
    How My Stomach Works
    Children will experiment with what happens to food when they eat it.
    Photo of a young girl putting a cracker in her mouth
  • Science
    Lively Lungs
    Children will learn about their lungs.
    Photo of a girl blowing on a dandelion
  • Science
    Balancing Me
    Children will use movement to explore the science of balance.
    A young boy walking on a balance beam at a playground
  • Science
    Healthy Eating
    Children will create a collage of healthy foods.
     Little girl smiling while eating an apple
  • Science
    Keep Away Tooth Decay
    Children will perform an experiment relating to tooth decay.
    Photo of young girl brushing her teeth while her mother helps
  • Science
    Keep It Clean
    Children will learn how keeping their body clean is one way of staying healthy.
    Close-up photo of a child's hands lathered in soap and rinsing in a sink
  • Science
    My Beating Heart
    Children will learn about their heart.
    Little girls playing with a toy stethoscope