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Discover how recycling and repurposing help the environment. Use discarded materials to create items with a new purpose, and further investigate reuse while experimenting with recyclable materials.

  • Arts
    From Trash to Treasure
    Children will make sculptures from recycled boxes.
     Photo of a sculpture of geometric shapes made from recycled boxes
  • Arts, Science
    Construction Site
    Children will plan and build a variety of structures from recyclable materials.
    A boy using an old paper roll to build a structure
  • Arts, Science
    Let's Make Music
    Children will reuse materials to create musical instruments.
    A little girl playing a guitar made of recycled materials
  • Arts, Science
    Marvelous Mobiles
    Children will make a mobile by reusing materials.
     Close-up photo of a mobile made of recycled materials
  • Science
    Rah! Rah! Recycling
    Children will learn about everyday items that are recyclable.
    Photo of a little girl carrying a full recycling bin and smiling
  • Science
    Growing Green Grass
    Children will explore the idea of reusing and repurposing by reusing hosiery to plant grass seed.
    Photo of a grass field
  • Arts, Science
    Let's Make Paper
    Children will make paper from recyclable material.
    Photo of a little boy and girl laughing while making paper
  • Science, Arts
    Reuse It!
    Children will reuse materials for a new purpose.
    Boy smiling while carrying a full recycling bin
  • Science
    Bird Feeders
    Children will reuse a milk container to conduct an experiment about what kind of food birds eat.
    Little girl feeding two birds from her hands