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Learn about the natural processes of living things, including the lifecycle of a plant, how things grow, the parts of plants, how plants absorb water and nutrients, the importance of sun and water, the characteristics of seeds, and the importance of earthworms to the environment.

  • Music
    Music for Growing
    Children will learn about musical pitch and relate it to growing.
    Girl with her hands up high
  • Arts, Science
    Seed Mosaics
    The children will investigate seeds.
    Array of seeds displayed in a photo
  • Science
    Seeds & Sun
    The children will experiment with sprouting seeds.
    Young girl holding seedling
  • Science
    Seeds & Water
    The children will grow a plant.
    Young boy potting a plant
  • Science
    Parts of a Plant
    Children will learn the different parts of a plant.
    Two kids examining a plant on a table
  • Science
    Bird Nesting Balls
    Children will assemble materials that birds use in making their nests.
     Close-up photo of an empty bird nest in a tree
  • Science
    How Plants Drink
    Children will learn how plants absorb water and nutrients.
     Photo of a group of children watering a plant
  • Science
    We Like Worms!
    The children will learn about earthworms.
     Photo of a little girl picking up an earthworm with tweezers
  • Science
    Rooting for Plants!
    Children will learn about root plants and how they grow.
     Close-up photo of watering can and a carrot in the ground
  • Science
    Planting Seeds
    Children will learn about the life cycle of a seed.
     Group of children planting seeds in a pot and pouring water on the soil