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Learn about weather by observing, exploring, and experimenting with weather-related phenomena. Introduce the water cycle, explore properties of snow, observe cloud formations, discover what causes the wind, create fog, and explore how weather affects our everyday lives.

  • Science
    A Windy Day
    Children will explore the wind on a windy day.
    Little boy on beach with hair blowing in the wind
  • Science
    Fogged In
    Children will learn about fog and how it forms.
    Small girl making her way through the fog
  • Science
    Watch It Rain
    The children will learn about the water cycle and where rain comes from.
    Young girl looking at rain through window
  • Science
    Sunny Days
    Children will perform an experiment in the Sun and discuss sunny weather.
    Young girl with sun shining on her face
  • Science, Arts
    Cloud Chasers
    Children will observe clouds.
    Young boy outside on a cloudy day
  • Science
    Let It Snow!
    The children will observe the properties of snow.
    Young boy with hands extended to feel snow falling
  • Science
    Weather Clock
    Children will observe and record the weather.
     Group of young children playing outside with sidewalk chalk
  • Science
    What's the Temperature?
    Children will explore different temperatures.
    Thermometer outside with sun in the background