PNC Erieview Capital - Why Erieview

Why Partner with PNC Erieview

Selecting the appropriate capital provider can have a meaningful impact on the success of an investment. Not only can it materially impact the overall investment return, it can also serve to mitigate risk – and sometimes determine if capital is returned in tougher deals.

Over forty year history supporting 250+ platforms

The firm has invested alongside more than 75 different private equity sponsors and numerous business owners in over 250 platforms throughout its 40 year history. As a result of this longevity, the team has experience investing across numerous economic cycles and a very broad range of industries.

Continuity of team

PNC Erieview is comprised of a committed team of individuals with over 200 years of collective middle market investment experience and an average of 15 years with the firm. Having worked alongside each other for many years, the team has developed a strong culture with similar views on how to underwrite and participate in deals.

Ability to invest minority equity on standalone basis

In addition to investing minority equity in conjunction with subordinated debt, PNC Erieview Capital has the flexibility to provide minority equity on a standalone basis should that be desired as part of the transaction.

Breadth of industry experience and diligence contacts

Due to its longevity and breadth of investment experience, the PNC Erieview team has cultivated strong private equity industry relationships and a large library of industry consultants and experienced executives to aid in specific situations when called upon. The investment team has unique, personal connections that create a proprietary diligence network available to complement diligence efforts or portfolio company needs. In addition, the team has developed rapport and a favorable reputation with senior lenders throughout the industry, which can be a meaningful advantage should an investment experience distress.

Trained as equity

Whether the firm invests subordinated debt or equity, the team has an ‘equity-oriented’ mentality that aligns its interests with those of the sponsor and other capital participants. Over the course of PNC Erieview’s evolution, the firm has made control investments, minority/growth investments and has been a prolific provider of subordinated debt and equity co-investment (the sole strategy since 1999). As a result, the team has a unique and valuable understanding of the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing private equity sponsor partners and maintains a long-term value creation perspective.

Focused on value creation

Investors look at things differently than pure lenders. While lenders focus on leverage and price, the PNC Erieview team focuses on maximizing the value for all parties involved. The firm consistently remains rational through all economic cycles and is willing to work cohesively with other participants in the capital structure for the betterment of the underlying company.

Quick feedback, response, and process

Through its continuity, the firm has developed a streamlined and expeditious approval process that allows it to respond efficiently to new opportunities and be a successful value-added partner both during underwriting as well as during unique portfolio management circumstances.

Honesty and integrity

We always conduct ourselves in an ethical manner and have built a reputation for “doing the right thing” through all business cycles and being supportive in both good times and bad.