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Community Helpers

Discover how firefighters, doctors, dentists, bankers and meteorologists all play a role in helping people who live in their community. Explore fascinating topics such as water pressure, tooth decay and cloud formation, and experiment with cohesion.

  • Arts, Science
    Children will learn about veterinarians as community helpers.
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  • Arts
    Bus Driver
    Children will explore bus drivers as community helpers and connect movement to literature.
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  • Science
    Coin Curiosity
    Children will learn about bankers as community helpers and perform an experiment using water and coins.
    Photo of a small boy putting a coin in a piggy bank
  • Science
    Weather Watchers
    Children will learn about meteorologists and how they predict weather and about cloud formations.
    Photo of a young girl running in the rain in a raincoat
  • Science
    Dig It!
    Children will learn about what paleontologists do and the tools that they use. The children will use a variety of common household…
    Photo of young girl playing with toy tyrannosaurus rex
  • Science
    Under Pressure
    Children will learn about firefighters and their responsibilities as community helpers. Children will also explore how water…
    Photo of a kids playing with a sprinkler hose
  • Science
    Biters & Grinders
    Children will learn about dentists and use a variety of materials to learn about how their teeth work.
    Photo of a little boy smiling
  • Science
    Classroom Composting
    Children will learn about farmers and create a classroom composting bin using worms.
    Photo of a child using a hand shover in dirt
  • Science
    Let’s Be Scientists!
    Children will learn about scientists as community helpers and conduct an experiment.
    Small girl smiling while pouring water into a container