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My Five Senses

Explore the five senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch while performing experiments with everyday materials. Learn about the parts of the body responsible for each sense and how the brain interprets these sensations.

  • Arts
    Color Collages
    Children will create a layered shape collage.
    Little girl smiling while using scissors and construction paper
  • Science
    Do You Hear What I Hear?
    Children will learn about hearing and sounds.
    Photo of a little girl whispering in the ear of another little girl
  • Science
    It Smells
    Children will learn about the sense of smell.
    Photo of a group of children sitting on the floor holding their noses
  • Science
    Touchable Textures
    Children will learn about the sense of touch.
    Photo of a small boy touching the bark of a tree
  • Science
    Taste Test
    Children will learn about taste and taste buds.
     Photo of a small girl putting food in her mouth