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Our Sky

Children will explore things in the sky including the Sun, Moon, and stars. They will form hypotheses, gather observations, and draw conclusions as they create telescopes, make constellations, investigate sundials, create rainbows, experiment with UV light, and discover changes in the Moon.

  • Science
    What's In the Sky?
    Children will explore what is in the sky.
    A girl sitting on ground looking towards the sky
  • Science
    Day & Night
    Children will learn about day and night.
    Photo of tree with daylight on oneside and night on the other
  • Science, Arts
    Moon Phases
    Children will investigate how the Moon moves.
    Small child reaching up to the moon
  • Science
    Children will explore how shadows are created.
    Little boy walking looking down at his shadow
  • Science
    Ceiling Constellations
    Children will investigate stars and constellations.
    Stars in the night sky
  • Science
    Catching Rainbows
    Children will investigate rainbows.
    Young girl dances in a water spray that has a rainbow while holding an umbrella
  • Science, Arts
    Sun Prints
    Children will investigate the effects of the Sun’s rays.
    Young girl sitting in the summer sun
  • Science
    Let's Go Fly A Kite
    Children will investigate things in the sky, and make kites.
    Young boy runs in a field while flying a kite