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Curious Crawlers

Explore the fascinating world of insects using an interactive, hands-on approach. Build on children’s natural sense of curiosity to discover how insects are alike and different, the sounds they make, where they live, and their life cycles. Demonstrate how insects use their mouths by experimenting with different tools.

  • Science
    Butterflies & Caterpillars
    Children will explore the life cycle of a butterfly.
    Blonde boy looking through magnifying glass at butterfly in field of flowers
  • Science
    How Do Insects Eat?
    Children will investigate how insects eat.
    Young boy looking at bumble bee through magnifying glass
  • Science
    Is It an Insect?
    Children will explore the characteristics of insects.
    Young girl looks at grasshopper on her hand
  • Science
    Living Under Leaves
    Children will explore insects’ habitats.
    Young boy looks at leafy plat with magnifying glass
  • Science
    Worms & Slugs
    Children will compare worms and slugs with insects.
    Young boy plays with worm in grassy area near lake