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Explore a variety of distinctive habitats and the animals that live there. Learn about bird nests, explore and create a spider web, and learn about the uniqueness of the rainforest and its inhabitants, including parrots.

  • Science, Arts
    Ocean in a Bottle
    Children will learn about the ocean as a habitat and recreate ocean waves.
    A father showing his young daughter a starfish on the beach
  • Science, Arts
    Rainforest Rain Sticks
    Children will learn about the rainforest and make rain sticks.
    Photo of a little girl sitting with a gathering net in the woods
  • Science, Arts
    Parrots of the Rainforest
    Children will learn about parrots and their habitat.
    Photo of a little girl smiling with a parrot on her shoulder
  • Science
    Giant Anthill
    Children will make a paper model of an anthill.
    Ants working on an anthill
  • Science
    Natural Nests
    Children will gather materials to build a bird’s nest, part of a bird’s habitat.
    Children looking at a bird's nest in a classroom
  • Science
    Wonderful Webs
    Children will learn about spiders and create a spider and a web.
    Young boy looking at a spider on the ground with a magnifying glass
  • Science
    Camouflage Fun
    Children will learn about how animals camouflage themselves in their habitat.
    Photo of a child laying in a pile of fallen leaves
  • Science
    Kitchen Crafts Bird Feeder
    Children will learn about bird habitats and make a bird feeder.
    Photo of a bird feeder