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Our free bilingual resources were developed in partnership with Sesame Workshop - the creators of Sesame Street® - and aim to help parents, caregivers and educators enhance learning opportunities for young children.

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Growing Together: Ready for School & Beyond

PNC and Sesame Workshop have partnered to create Growing Together: Ready for School & Beyond to provide resources that help kids, parents, and providers get ready to succeed in school.

Back To School

Teachers and parents form a powerful learning team when they work together to lay the foundation for success in school—and in life! Getting involved in school activities encourages learning inside and outside the classroom. Because everyone on the team has the same goal: to provide safe spaces—with lots of love and care—where children can grow and thrive.

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This Is How I Grow

Use children’s curiosity about places, people, and things around them to get them excited about learning and preparing for school.

Watch 'This Is How I Grow'

Observe With Me

Watch Abby and Rudy add to their wonder journal, then help children create their own.

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Let's Make Art

Children can learn math, science, and more through creating art.

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Meet Maggie Cadabby

With a little love, and modeling how to think aloud, you can help children become problem solvers. Help children build problem-solving skills to turn “Oops” into “Aha!”

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Building Language Skills

Let's Make Up a Story!

Oral storytelling can be opportunities for great conversations and building vocabulary. Watch Rosita and her Abuela turn the night sky into a storytelling adventure.

Watch 'Let's Make Up a Story'

Talk About It

Parent Tips

Regular communication with your child’s teacher will help your child learn, grow and thrive in the pre-K classroom.
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