Happy, Healthy, Ready for School

Learning is Everywhere

Happy, Healthy, Ready for School

Happy, Healthy, Ready for School provides simple ways to create teachable moments that develop children’s physical, emotional, and cognitive skills. It promotes the importance of school readiness as well as empowers parents as a child’s first and most important teacher.

Learning is Everywhere

Learning is Everywhere helps parents turn everyday experiences into learning opportunities. It provides tools to help children learn through discovery by asking, doing and exploring throughout their everyday routines.

For Parents & Caregivers

Activity Book

With the fun activities in this book, you and your child can make learning fun in the everyday moments.

Learning is Everywhere Magazine

This magazine helps you encourage your child’s joy of discovery. It contains three sections: morning, afternoon, and evening, because your daily routines are ideal opportunities for spontaneous learning together.

Activity Cards

Use these cards to play an array of fun word-inspired games with the child in your life.

Learning is Everywhere Video

Sesame friends help Elmo get ready for school in this fun video.