Getting Ready for School and Life – Together!

Getting Ready for School and Life – Together!TM

As a caring adult in children’s lives, you naturally want children to be ready for school and for life. It’s a big world, and children need a lot of support from grown-ups to be able to live and thrive in it… now and over a lifetime!

For Parents & Caregivers

Cookie Monster at Circle Time

This storybook is about circle time, classroom community, caring friends, and... COOKIES!  Download the printable below “C is for …” as an accompanying activity. 

Learning Party

When children feel welcome and included, school can feel like a learning party that they’re invited to each and every day! Download the printable below “Sing Along: Learning Party” so you can sing along anywhere, anytime!

Remembering Our Time Together

This video highlights the good feelings that family memories can bring. As you watch together with children, think of—and talk about—happy times you’ve had as a family.

The Wonderful in You

Together with children, watch this video, which focuses on adult-child bonds and celebrates the special pride parents and caregivers have for their children. Tell children what you think is wonderful about them.


For Providers

Welcome, Artists

Strong connections between teachers and kids can help all children feel seen and heard in the learning space. Watch as this art teacher connects with each of her students.

Just for Teachers

Classroom circle time is a powerful way to anchor children in a sense of community and belonging, and it’s an equally great opportunity for subject-area learning.

Meet the Providers: Joseph and Callie

A video introducing two preschool teachers with insights to share.

Peaceful Problem Solving

There are lots of creative ways to handle conflict in the classroom.

Teacher Tips

Strategies on pro-social skills from a preschool teacher.

A Welcoming Space

A video presenting insights and strategies from preschool teachers.

Printable Activites 

Dream Big!

Print (or just read on screen) some or all of this adult-child activity book focusing on celebrating what makes us each unique, how we’re all connected, and how little ones can build a better world! You can sit with children and complete the pages together, or just talk about what you see on screen.

C is for…

An activity page to discover the many important words that begin with the letter C.  Print this activity to help children keep track of the special words in the digital storybook Cookie Monster at Circle Time!

My Classroom Circle

An activity for children to add their favorite Muppet, animal and food to a circle canvas. Children can then bring their printed circles to share with classmates and celebrate their similarities and differences!

Sing-Along Learning Party

Every day can be a celebration of learning. Keep the music going! Print this page so you can sing along anywhere, anytime! Accompanies the Learning Party - Video.

I am Somebody

An activity page with a strategy that can help set the stage for a lifetime of confidence, pride, and strength!

Seeds for Good

An activity page reminding children that even little acts of kindness can make a big difference.

Together We Shine & Sparkle

An activity about how we’re all connected… and how we’re stronger together.

The Wonderful in You

A parent-child activity page encouraging bonding.

Sing the Wonderful! Lyric Sheet

After watching the music video “The Wonderful in You,” print this page so you can sing the song whenever you like! Move together and have a “Wonderful” dance party. Invite children to decorate the page, then display where everyone can see it often.

Our Big Lives

Print this page and invite children to join the Sesame Street community by drawing themselves into the picture. Then display their work!